MEtric coffee co

A few years ago, coffee-drinking buddies Xavier Alexander and Darko Arandjelovic got to talking over a cup at Caffe Streets. They loved sampling coffees from far and wide, but they wanted something from right here in Chicago to call their own. With Xavier supplying more than a decade's worth of roasting know-how and Darko's Caffe Streets serving as a laboratory, they launched Metric Coffee Co. to bring that vision to life. Ever since, Metric's blends and single origins have formed the foundation of the coffee program here at Streets. It's a dream come true - coffee roasted in the neighborhood, served with pride to neighborhood people! 

For more information, as well as retail and wholesale inquiries, visit Metric’s website. We love showcasing other coffees also, and feature a rotating lineup of guest roasters. To discuss featuring your coffee at the caffe, please email your inquiry to or use the contact form on this sites footer.